Art lovers, alert! This post is all about the most famous paintings across the world! These paintings are the masterpieces of their respective artists and if at all you happened to visit the places where these paintings are resting in all their glory, do make it a point to visit them. So here we take you on tour showcasing the most stunning masterpieces in the world:

The Mona Lisa:
This enthralling work of art is always synonymous with the name of none other than one of the greatest painters the world has seen – Leonardo Da Vinci. The faint smile on the subject of this painting, Mona Lisa is what comes in front of our eyes at the slightest mention of this painting. Da Vinci has been able to capture the subtle nuances of the lady’s smile, her eyes in such an intriguing manner, making this painting a must watch. It currently resides in the Musee du Louvre, Paris.


Starry Night:
A masterpiece coming from Vincent van Gogh, you are sure to get lost in the starry lights of this immaculate painting. So aptly is the world above recreated in this painting, with the blue, yellow and gold hues highlighting the sky and stars. This is definitely one of the best creations coming from the famed Vincent van Gogh, and it is this painting, among the host of his other creations that has made his name go down in history.


When we’re talking about famous painters and their masterpieces, will it be justified if we have the audacity not to mention the name of Pablo Picasso? The Guernica is one painting that has more meaning to it than the eye can see. This painting depicts the bombing of Guernica, a city in Spain – capturing all the violence and destruction that happened back then. Guernica has the honor of being commissioned by the Spanish government, and it now proudly stands there, as a symbol of peace.

The Kiss:
Gustav Klimt has perfectly captured an intimate moment of a couple kissing, in the most peculiar way. The use of gold leaves brings this painting to life, making it even more appealing to the eye. This striking amalgamation of gold leaf and oil paints has to lead to an impressive outcome and has been attributed as Gustav’s best work of art. It is currently on display in the Belvedere Palace, Austria.